Sunday, November 29, 2009


It all came about on Thanksgiving. A dear relation of mine stood frozen over a partially set table; she could never remember the proper arrangement of a place setting, hence the catatonic reaction. By no means was I disappointed with her, certainly not after the spectacular pasta au gratin she served. Rather the true catalyst for this blog was the realization that had she just tossed the flatware anyplace she pleased, few at the table would’ve taken notice.

The topics of tradition and formality are not uncharted for me; those who know me best will attest to my persistence in voicing displeasure at our current state of affairs. Naughty has replaced nice, jeans are worn to weddings (yes, I witnessed this very transgression), and proper sentence structure has become a lost art in a world of texts and instant messages.

As a Modern Traditionalist, I understand the need for the speed at which we move in this world. In fact, I embrace certain modern amenities when necessary. However, convenience should never supplant tradition. This blog is my means of reclaiming formality, brushing off the dust, and administering a makeover. Welcome.


  1. I look forward to seeing how you define being a moder traditionalist. I think I am hopelessly steeped in tradition, but enjoy tweaking tradition to inspire new ways of thinking about my life.

  2. Thank you for the note, CC. My definition is ever evolving and inspired daily by other traditionalists surviving in this modern world of ours! Have a wonderful time at Art Basal!

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