Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cut From The Same Cloth: A Modern Daughter & Traditional Mother

They both embody an old-world, patrician grace which is somewhat incongruous in today’s world and epitomize classic, refined style. They also share the name Carolina Herrera. There is something enduringly captivating about this pair.

Carolina Sr., the polished, Venezuelan designer, was on best dressed lists even before she founded her eponymous clothing brand. An inveterate traditionalist, she is known for her trademark white button-down shirts. Aside from formal gatherings, one is hard-pressed to locate evidence of her without one.

Looking as if she’s arrived directly from a sitting with Sargent, Carolina Jr. is a contemporary interpretation of the original. She serves as inspiration for her mother’s designs and has also led development of the brand’s fragrances.

I’m influenced by both, not only in the way I dress but also in the way I live. They prove that elegance is far more enchanting than scandal.


  1. Yes I agree! I find elegance and grace more interesting than scandal any day. These are two very lovely ladies!

  2. I saw Carolina Herrera once in LA and she IS an extremely elegant woman... definitely you are born with that kind of class... Enjoy!

  3. They are both positively divine!


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