Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Holiday Traditions: The Conundrum

Now that the first day of December has officially passed, I must hunker down and commit myself to the art of holiday correspondence. I do not wish to incorrectly imply a burdensome sentiment when describing this ubiquitous holiday tradition; sending holiday greetings has always been a means of playing catch-up with distant friends and relations for a corporate gypsy such as myself. My stress lies in locating holiday cards which truly reflect my personality. Am I religiously conservative or festively non-denominational? Classic or contemporary? One thing is certain, I’m a Luddite in my unwavering belief that holiday correspondence should be delivered in the traditional written form and not digitally.

Today I will head off in search of the perfect demonstration(s) of The Modern Traditionalist in paper form. I’m keen on Habitually Chic’s idea of choosing a variety card types depending on the intended recipient. Not only does it provide a personalized solution, giving the receiver a sense that you chose that card especially for them, but it also avoids the monotony of seeing the same card displayed at holiday fête after holiday fête.

Perhaps next year I can commission Hollister Hovey to design the perfect card just for me!


  1. I just adored Heather's post on holiday greetings as well. Found you amongst her comments---looks as though we're two peas in a pod! Welcome to the blogosphere...
    XX Kate

  2. Many thanks, Kate! I will certainly familiarize myself with your blog as well. Welcome!

  3. How wonderful that you've pictured one of my favorite retailers! I had a brief moment a while back when I was making thank you cards from their supplies...stamps, lovely card stock, envelope was all very satisfying. Although in a busy holiday season perhaps not feasible...and I am absolutely within you in admiring Hollister Hovey's blog. A talented woman indeed!

  4. Well I bought my holiday cards from this exact store as it's only a short walk from my office! I love the idea of personalized cards but as I barely have time to send the cards I don't think it will be happening any Christmas soon! The only concession I have is mailing New Years cards to my non-christian friends and christmas cards to the christians.


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