Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ancient Industries : Living + Extinct

This holiday when I found myself in want of a perfect gift for BTG’s mother, I happened upon Ancient Industries. It wasn’t my first visit; I had already swooned over their Bauer cat dishes and Redecker wooden scoops weeks prior. I settled on the Brown Betty Teapot, somewhat of a legend amongst tea enthusiasts, and the hand knitted tea cosy.

Everything progressed according to plan, except for a minor hiccup which delayed delivery of my packages past my date of departure. AI’s proprietor, Megan, swooped in on angel’s wings and not only ensured prompt delivery of the packages directly to BTG’s mother, but she also wrapped each gift in delightfully charming brown paper with red & white accoutrements. In a world where retailers tend to respond to matters of urgency with a simple shrug and mumbled “better luck next time", I was overwhelmed by Megan’s helpfulness and genuine concern regarding the incident. Aside from the stellar customer service, the teapot and cosy were absolutely perfect.

It wasn’t until I began to write this post that I revisited Ancient Industries and realized that their modus operandi is quite aligned with that of the Modern Traditionalist. If you are searching for an item that has a history, a story and a soul, Ancient Industries is your ideal destination.

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