Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Historical Concepts

Over the holiday I had the opportunity to view some incredibly uninspired architectural structures. Upon returning to my hometown in Michigan, I’m regularly aghast at yet another natural space which has been bulldozed, leveled and paved into submission. Granted, most of these “developments” sit unfinished, vacant memorials of the great burst bubble. The surviving homes look as if they were produced on an assembly line with no personality or uniqueness.

Conversely, I also had the pleasure of visiting New England for the holidays. Driving in as darkness cloaked the tiny seaside community, we passed colonial after colonial, decorated with natural greenery and a simple candle per window. While each home bears a striking resemblance to the next, the histories contained within hint to volumes of footsteps, whispers, tears and laughter. If those walls could only talk.

Having come of age in a run of the mill subdivision has always made me long for a home with story. One that creaks even on the most peaceful evening. Locating the perfect historical home isn’t always feasible. In such cases, one may turn to Historical Concepts, an architectural firm specializing in traditional and classically inspired designs.

This an example of their work, the Great Marsh Estate in Midland, Virginia. I can envision Elizabeth Bennet walking the halls in search of Mr. Darcy. It was built in the 80s. The 1980s.

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  1. Beautiful home. I am familiar with the work of Historical Concepts as they have done some houses in Atlanta - one of which is one the market now, and was the recipient of the Shutze award a few years ago.


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