Monday, February 22, 2010

Sunny Monday

As a self-anointed creative creature, waking each weekday for my daybreak pilgrimage to a sterile workspace devoid of imagination has hampered my spirits as of late. Such a scourge would normally be eradicated with even a modest nip from the demiurgic flask, which has regrettably desiccated. My beastly despondency be damned though, as the well is once again fertile with a little help from my friends, Lily Lemontree and HollyGoesLightly. Having been honored with the Sunshine Award by both of these esteemed ladies, I’m stirred to return to the parchment and permit the words to reveal themselves again. Before I am to proceed, however, I must pass along the Sunshine Award to ten blogs which enlighten and inspire me, a coterie in which my generous benefactors above are incontrovertibly included:

In absolutely no particular order:

A Bloomsbury Life
Little Augury
Miss Cavendish
Bow Tie Guy

Reggie Darling
The Neo-Traditionalist
(I’m seconding HollyGoesLightly’s nomination)
Habitually Chic
Frognall Dibdin’s Shelves
Being Manly

And now I must get to work on Charlottesville : Act Two, posthaste!


  1. Much obliged to you. I shall endeavour to pay it forward.

  2. You're such a dear! Thank you for your sweet, sunny award and your fantastic prose. Your words make my heart melt. That is to say---the admiration is mutual, I assure you. XOXO

  3. I second so many of these recipients! Miss Cavendish - oh what a delight she is. Looking forward to checking the other blogs out.


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