Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ingredients to Heal One's Soul

Photo courtesy of 101 Cookbooks

At a certain point, one must move on from grief and apply their efforts to something far more constructive. Today that took form in a bit of kitchen experimentation. BTG is a lover of Madeleines and I of baking; however, such delights can take their toll on one's waistline. In an attempt to mitigate the impact of indulgence and on BTG's suggestion, I baked whole wheat Madeleines. My loyal recipe was sourced at 101 Cookbooks; simply substitute 3/4 cup flour minus 1.5 tablespoons whole wheat flour for the all-purpose.


  1. This must be Madeleine week for me...I keep seeing them everywhere - Starbucks, in photos, paintings, tv and now here :O)

  2. We just love Madeleines in our house. The are my daughter's favourites (she thinks they are named after her) so we have them in the home at all times.
    I am glad to hear you are starting to feel a little better!

  3. Lovely treats...Also...about poll.....I knew that Audrey would be the one (I voted for Lee)...would loved to have seen that other Hepburn up there (my fav) Katherine. Nice online journal......K

  4. i love your blog... madeleines... i could eat them all day.

    if i send your father a big check and my address would he mail me a loaf of his cinnamon raisin bread??? (sorry saw yr comment on pve)


  5. red - I'm sure if you sent my father a big check in the mail he would bake you bread and send you a handcrafted, wooden litter box, provided you have a cat. That's his other specialty.

    Kathy - Yes, Katharine Hepburn is one of the best!

    Lily - I'm starting to cheer up a bit. The Madeleines help! Your daughter is absolutely adorable. Great name!

  6. These sound lovely. I have never had them. Now I must try to find them!

  7. Those Madeleines are so gorgeous! Thanks for posting ;)

  8. so terribly sorry for your loss... and if i were near i would make you a pile of goodies and come give you a big hug. xx


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