Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Thank You

Photo courtesy of The Sugar Magnolia.

A note of gratitude for all of my friends in the blogosphere. Your words have touched me; your curated collections of prose and photos have nourished my spirit. In some cases, (Reggie Darling and JMW via Lily Lemontree) your pertinent themes have transformed me and I have thusly departed a most delicate state.

Thank you for being there when I needed you most.




  1. Is everything okay?
    You know how to reach me if you need to talk, hope all is well.

  2. As I said last week, I have only just found your blog, have read a great number of your posts with delight -- I am so happy for you that you have received such love and support from your friends in the bloggy world. My thoughts are with you.


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