Saturday, May 22, 2010


Marthe Bibesco, in a 1911 painting by Giovanni Boldini

I was most graciously bestowed two considerable honors by the luminous Little Augury, the Prolific Blogger Award and the Beautiful Blogger Award, which have provided me with unending delight. I toil regularly in a position which rarely gives as much as it gets and I’m constantly bowled over by the rewarding nature of the blogging community. It is not simply the occasional esteem granted, such as these, but more so the nourishment you all furnish when I’m most in need.

That said, I must carry on and extend these honors to the coterie of confidantes I find myself turning to with regularity. I encourage you to drop by for a visit.

A Bloomsbury Life - My imaginary older sister.

Being Manly - Someone with whom I would share far too many Gin + Tonics.

Bow Tie Guy - The best Manhattan maker this side of the Mason-Dixon. Get better, ol’ chap!

Hollister Hovey - The girl has style.

Little Augury - Consistently educating me as only she can.

pve design - Talent, beauty and wit. Deadly combination.

The Neo Traditionalist - Nobody else shines down and clears away the grey clouds as she does.

With recognition comes responsibility. Those listed above must choose 7 bloggers to whom they turn for a healthy dose of style and substance. Then they must reveal 7 treasures about themselves they have yet to share. Here are mine:

I’m proficient at various musical instruments including the oboe, the mellophone, the trumpet and the piano yet never learned to play the one instrument I desired, the drums.

I’ve driven a car at 140 mph on the Autobahn. Driving fast is what I do to relieve stress instead of yoga or meditation.

My uncle is an Elvis impersonator.

I’m related by marriage to Myron Floren, the “happy Norwegian” and accordionist on the Lawrence Welk Show.

I have nearly broken my neck in three separate accidents: backyard gymnastics, cheerleading & riding.

My ancestors once owned an estate in Southern Italy with land as far as the eye could see, until one louche kinsman gambled the majority away in Monte Carlo. Only the house still remains in the family.

I had the pleasure of liberating Alfred Hitchcock’s daughter, Patricia O’Connell, from the company of two stale nuns and subsequently amused her over cocktails at a Christmas Party.


  1. Myron Floren, Elvis, and Alfred HItchcock!
    Speeding, gambling and cheerleading!
    What an autobiography you could write!

  2. Congratulations my friend, they are well-deserved honors!!

  3. I accept the honor from such an individual as you, racy, risky, really a rebel of sorts I presume....I now will never get in an automobile with you but I will play my flute!
    toot toot!

  4. pve - you had me for a minute there! I was intrigued by this mysterious contribution and began to pack my bags...all of the fervor was replaced with a hearty belly laugh upon your unmasking.

    Pamela - If you only knew the half of it! Elvis and Myron are the tame examples!

    Lily - Thank you, my dear!

  5. a lofty assemblage-of fellow travellers, and in your own tell all. Pat Hitchcock married Joe O'Connell Jr., his father was married to my dearest friend Dorothy that I feature on the blog occasionally. She was travelling when she met-the Sr.- and the young couple and the Hitchcocks. pgt

  6. Little Augury - What a small world! Pat's granddaughter was my best friend which led to our fortuitous introduction. Unfortunately, my friend passed in 2003 from Cystic Fibrosis They really are a remarkable and absolutely lovely family.


  7. MT - definitely well deserved! thanks for sharing these most fascinating tidbits... how intriguing.
    xx, jane

  8. Congratulations to you my sweet MT and thank you thank you thank you! I'm so touched to have been included. XX Katie

  9. you're related to the "happy Norwegian"? That's awesome! :)

  10. My dear MT, I must apologise. In my travelling state I failed to notice the honour forwarded in my direction, and hope it's not too late to thank you for it.

    I fear that your fear is absolutely accurate, save for the small wonder whether there is such a thing as too much gin. It was good enough for the Queen Mother, after all. I return from Europe tomorrow. Normalcy - I am not sure I can define it - will hopefully follow shortly therafter.


  11. I am afraid to drive on the highway! That is my secret weirdness--head on at the age of 17, I'm afraid. The only instrument I play is the telephone, but I envy the rest of you that can play music and drive fast.


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