Thursday, May 13, 2010

Raise Your Paddle

Image via here.

Lovely readers,

I’m currently endeavoring to downsize my personal effects whilst improving my pecuniary affairs. I have three items for bid at the illustrious ebay auction house, including the resplendent, red Christian Louboutins shown above.* I encourage you to take a peek and bid if you see something which sets your heart aflutter. While this might appear a diversion, it is the smoke to the fire of new developments in my life which will be shared with you shortly!

*Shoes pictured are not the GENIUINE shoes but an artistic depiction of MT’s Louboutins.

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  1. Yikes--lemme be out of college for a couple of years and then I'm going to be all over a pair of Louboutins. :)

    Your blog is looking beautiful as usual! Love that picture.


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