Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ain't She Sweet

Wasn't Dame Maggie Smith dazzling?  I'd argue she still is!


  1. Oh, she is utterly divine, isn't she?
    I honest adore her face... all the lines she sports today only serve to make her more glorious. I ask you, entering a room full of supermodels, where Maggie Smith sat alone on a chair.... who would you want to sit next to? She would, for me, win... hands down.
    Fabulous photo of a fabulous face!

  2. What a lovely blog - I just wandered in from Reggie Darling and so glad I did - it's gorgeous here! Year ago in a drama lesson, we were asked to imagine a voice to guide us; I picked Maggie Smith from the Death on the Nile phase - caustic, glamorous, gravelly and stiletto-sharp. I still hear it.

    See 'A Private Function' if you haven't already for a very English funny turn!


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