Wednesday, January 20, 2010

From Bean to Bar

Photo courtesy of gnuf on Flickr.

The calendar rarely deceives and presently I find myself rapidly approaching one year since decamping to Washington, D.C. A domestic expatriate by trade, I’m acquainted with the romanticized gossamer shrouding one’s former address, conveniently cloaking the tendrils of vexation which had once smothered me. New York, however, will forever carry a resplendent patina from which I will never tire. And while I’ve yet to discover the abundant treasures of this historic land I presently inhabit, my mind is habitually diverted by the charms of that city residing to the North.

I’m perpetually enchanted with artisanal entrepreneurs such as Williamsburg’s Mast Brothers, New York City’s only bean to bar chocolate makers. I’m unable to validate the merits of their chocolate as I’ve only admired it from afar; nevertheless, as an amateur packaging connoisseur, these stand unrivaled. Upon our next pilgrimage, BTG and I will drop in on the Mast Brothers and savour the sumptuousness.


  1. the packaging!!! Im swooning over it!

  2. I ordered a box and love looking at them and opening them up like they were some sort of rare bar of gold. I love paper and chocolate.


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