Monday, January 25, 2010

Modern Manners Monday

Dear Mses. and Messrs.,

I do not wish to cause you alarm yet I must address a matter which deserves your consideration posthaste. I am writing to you today on behalf of formality. The ceremony of written discourse has suffered a notable decline with the advent of digital correspondence. The rapidity of our age dictates communication be relegated to 140 character tweets and abbreviated text speak; nevertheless, superficial acts of brevity have not supplanted loquaciousness. In erstwhile days, a gentleman would compose a business query, quill to parchment, with the utmost respect and regard for its intended recipient. Whereas the cogitation behind our professional discourse remains intact, our courtesy for the reader has been compromised.

Admittedly, I have allowed my digital communication skills to falter. Of late, I have endeavored to infuse my emails with even the most elementary civilities. No longer are notes expeditiously sent lacking a proper salutation. Statements are complete thoughts and stream-of-consciousness typing has been abated. The incremental time commitment has been inconsequential.

After all, our civilization has been chronicled through the letters passing from one distinguished personage to another. What will we leave behind?

Your most obedient servant,
The Modern Traditionalist


  1. Dear Modern Traditionalist:
    What a good suggestion! And well written, indeed.
    Reggie Darling

  2. I am most pleased to have discovered your blog, and find that I have previously aired sentiments of a similar nature. I shall follow with interest.

    beingmanly: letters never sent

  3. Bravo, excellent post!
    Even the simplest of emails are made a little more civilized when a proper salutation is included.
    Absolutely thrilled to have come across your blog, looking forward to all your posts!


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