Monday, December 13, 2010


It has been quite some time since I’ve posted here and even longer than that since I’ve written anything substantial. Now comfortable with providing an accurate rather than falsely generalized assessment of this year thus far, I can attest I’ve had better. In fact, 2009 was pretty fantastic! I found a new city, a new income and, most importantly, a new love. It appears as if 2010 was the payment, due upon receipt, for the cache of emotional gold granted to me last year.

Amid the customary work turbulence, steady and omnipresent, I lost a best friend and welcomed a new one. BTG and I planted a seed and cultivated its tender buds while attempting to quell our impatience in its unhurried germination. I’ve labored far too strenuously on others’ projects and neglected my own, this online journal included.

Through the murk, though, I’ve bloomed. I’m more inspired. You may have noticed a change in decor around these parts, one which is not merely superficial. I’ve come to accept that those tremendously gloomy events in life will always come knocking. The most effective means of mitigating their effects is to relish the ephemeral bits of life which give you great pleasure, even if they're found at the bottom of a soup pot. I hope to share those moments with you, dear reader, right here.


Photo courtesy of Nigel Slater.


  1. You've been missed! Sorry to hear 2010 wasn't a stellar year for you, but perhaps 2011 will be kinder and bring great prosperity in many ways. Happy Holidays!

  2. Cheers to your return. I stumbled on your blog just weeks before you signed-off for a bit. I am so glad you are back. 2011 will be marvelous, I have no doubt. Happy New Year.

  3. sorry , for your losses-it is something I can say been there, more than once- and I have immense compassion for you. I think you were wise to detach from some things though and take time to think. best and I welcome your return. pgt


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