Friday, December 17, 2010


My spartan breakfast this morning.

‘Tis the season of mirthful gourmandizing. There will be a collection of merrymakers at twilight tomorrow. All other unclaimed moments will be flurry of wrapping, knotting, stirring, and kneading. At some point I will squeeze in some stretching, breathing and maybe a plié or two.

What, dear reader, will occupy your time this weekend?


  1. Hello MT,
    I love the photo of your spartan breakfast, and it looks quite delicious. I, too, am watching what I eat when I am not attending one of the numerous parties and festive lunches and dinners out that I am privileged to attend during the holidays. Not only does it help with one's figger, but it is a pleasant alternative, too. This weekend we are mostly wrapping up decorating for Christmas, and the myriad little projects that entails, with dinner out with friends on Sunday night at Swifty's, one of our favorite restaurants in New York. Reggie

  2. I myself, am sipping a late, waiting for my bacon, and cooking fried eggs with buttery whole grain toast. I'm wondering what that green stuff is. Bring on the food, I've been starving since Thanksgiving!

  3. Hello Liz,
    If by "green stuff" you are referring to my breakfast, it is greek yogurt with sliced banana and my new favorite granola (outside of homemade), Dorset Cereals. The green tint is from my recent discovery of an old iPhone app called Hipstamatic. It provides your photos with a lovely patina making mundane events seem archive worthy.



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