Saturday, June 30, 2012

At Dawn

Every morning, even weekends, I rise at 6 am.  This is in part due to our recently adopted pup’s biological demands but I voice no protest.  I welcome my mornings of solitude with a snoring dog and the daybreak serenade of my winged neighbors.  

There is something bewitching about the world as it’s just blinking awake.  Vistas become heavenly and even the truly quotidian transforms to majestic when bathed in a lemony glow. 

Morning is when my head is cleared of clutter and just enough glitter remains from my slumberous adventures.  I’m at my most creative in the early hours, unburdened by the constraints of daily minutiae.  Research shows that women tend to be morning folk, while men are more likely to take up with the owls.  I know this is true in our household, where Phil sleeps until forced awake.  I’m hardwired as an early-riser, both my mother and my father are up with the birds (to be fair, my father was a firefighter and prior to that worked delivering newspapers - I think his predilection for dawn stems from environmental conditioning).  

Are you a morning person?


  1. Hello Jessica

    I love early mornings and your describe your day so beautifully.

    Enjoy your weekend


  2. Such beautiful images. That light is magical. I'm neither a morning person nor a night owl per se. I love the quiet of early morning though.

  3. I'm definitely a morning person. I've been getting up somewhere between 5-6 this summer. That gives me between 2-3 hours before everyone else wakes up. I love to watch the world wake up.

  4. Helen - Thank you. I'm lucky to live in a place that has beauty around every corner! Have a relaxing 4th!

    Stephanie - I've yet to experience the same light since that morning. It was a clear day with a strong morning sun right after a good soaking the night before - absolutely incredible!

    Debbie - Isn't it amazing in the quiet still of the morning hours? To me, there is no better time. If I have the chance to watch the sun come up, even better. It reminds me of vacations on Mackinac Island in Michigan - I'd sneak out of the hotel before dawn and watch the sun creep over the horizon on the shore. Nothing compares to it.


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