Monday, July 9, 2012

The Tortoise and the Hare

I’m a speed demon.  I love the wind in my hair and driving fast.  Not surprisingly, I’m a bit impatient in life.  I want things to happen.  Now.  I even prefer short sprints to marathons.  I’m unequivocally a hare. 
An Aston Martin DB2 (my dream car)

Something has materialized, though, since moving to a sleepy, pastoral hamlet.  My weekend to-do lists have been abridged and transmorgrified; they now include small luxuries like “reading the paper” and “take a long bath”.  It is very American of me to want everything at the push of a button but I’m reminded of my love for the relaxed rhythm of life in Italy, where even time dedicated to an espresso can be carved out of a workday.  

I was running behind schedule for an appointment a few days back, which is highly against character for my resolutely-early self, and I had yet to walk the dog.  I had the choice to hastily run him out to the corner or to unselfishly provide him with exercise and fresh air.  I chose the latter figuring if I’m late, that’s life.  Rather than a perfunctory route through town, I elected to wander the local cemetery for the first time.  That is where I discovered this:

A commissioned sculpture by Auguste Rodin.  Had I hurried through and not absorbed the world around me, this treasure would’ve remained buried in the far corner of a hidden cemetery.  

Open your eyes, dear reader, and devour the world.  

(All photos by the Modern Traditionalist)


  1. A perfect sentiment, especially for this time of year.

  2. Well said. So many of us rush through life without stopping to catch our breath, look around us and see the beauty. We could all benefit from slowing down a bit and becoming more aware of our surroundings.

  3. Wow! What a find. I think we Americans need to start thinking and living more like Europeans; specifically the ones in the south. They take life at a much slower pace and really enjoy the moment. Let's start a movement!


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